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110th Committee

We are delighted to announce the Committee for the 110th Session.

Auditor: Leah Nash

Treasurer: Ned Quirke

Secretary: Katie Ryan

Sports Officer: Roisin McGrath

Summit Convenors: Liam Shaw and Sally Pan

Ball Convenor: Lynn Manahan

Charities Officer: Lauren Burke

RUMC Officer: Sylvia ZeQi

Academic Officer: Aisling Walsh

PRO: Olivia Bass

AMSI Officer: Laure Bruen

Stage 2 reps: Maia Springael and Jeanne Flynn

Stage 3 reps: Sean Behan and Michael Regan

Stage 4 reps: Cormac Dempsey and Sarah McKernan

GEM2 Reps: Ally Tierney and Larissa Manojiovich

Res Year Reps: Lorcan O'Byrne and Emma Comerford

Final Year Rep: Shane Kelly

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