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October 3rd - 7th

Féileacáin is a not for profit organisation that provides support to anyone affected by the death of a baby during or after pregnancy. Feileacain was formed by a group of bereaved parents to offer support to anyone affected by the death of a baby around the time of birth.

Supports provided:

  • Support meetings for parents and children

  • Long Ago Bereaved support services

  • Gifts Of Remembrance services

  • Memory Boxes

UCD Med Week is our annual charity fundraising event. It normally involves a number of specific fundraising events, all culminating with Med Day which sees members of the Society hit the streets of Dublin, shaking buckets to collect donations for the chosen charity.


Med Week brings students from every level within the school together and gives us a chance to give back to our community by donating our time and efforts to raise funds for charity.

After an amazing Med Week last year, we are back on the streets and back in-person. We hope to raise as much as possible this year for Féileacáin. But for that we need your help!

     How do I get involved?

There is plenty to get involved in during Med Week to help raise vital funds for Féileacáin.

  • Bake something for our Bake Sale or buy some baked goods on Monday

  • Set up a team for the Pub Quizzes on Monday or Tuesday

  • Get your egg & spoon ready for a competitive Sports Day followed by a wild night at Bingo Loco

  • Attend the Charity Talk on Thursday where Féileacáin will be detailing their invaluable work in support of families.

  • Sign up for Med Day! Spend Friday bucket collecting across Dublin for Aoibhneas and help raise as much as possible for this worthy cause. We'll have breakfast after the morning bucket collecting in DTwo and then it's back for more collecting! That evening join us in Famer Brown's to celebrate Med Week. 

We'll have a Med Week raffle throughout the week also where yu can win flight vouchers, hotel vouchers and maybe even a coveted Med Ball ticket!!!

Lastly, we'll have our MedWeek GoFundMe page set up throughout MedWeek so make sure to let your friends, family, work, etc. know about our fundraiser! Let them know about Féileacáin and the amazing work they do!! 




Med Week 2021/22

The return to in-person bucket collecting was huge this year. We raised a fantastic €29,284 for Aoibhneas.

Med Week 2020/21

In 2020/21, we raised a record-breaking €43,307 for our charity partners, Bone Marrow for Leokaemia Trust

Medweek 2019.jpg
Med Week 2019

In 2019 we were thrilled to raise €27,000 for our charity partner 'BUMBLEance' 

Med Week 2018

In 2018 we raised €24,297 for our charity partner 'Barretstown'!

med day 2018.jpg
med day 2017.jpg
Med Week 2017

In 2017 we were delighted to raise €26,256.54 for 'Debra Ireland'!

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