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The UCD Medical Society is run for and by medical students of University College Dublin. We're here to provide the best social experiences and interesting academic events to make the experience of studying medicine at UCD the best it can be.

113th Committee

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Executive Committee

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Ryan Moran
Auditor / Chairperson


Aoibh McIntyre

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Rachel Bonner




Taylor Reynolds
International Relations


Andrea Popovici
Public Relations


James McNamara


Emer O'Doherty
Ball Convenor


Ainsley Matthewson


Mikyla Janzen


Jordan Paulovic
Conference Convenor


Nadia Rozali


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Michael Cleary




Katie Doyle Wahl
Stage One


Martha Harper
Stage One


Eoin De Roiste
Stage Two


Mark Mulvey
Stage Two

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Helen Cotter
Stage Three


Grace O'Boyle
Stage Three


Rebecca Reid
Stage Four


Sasha Pollak
Stage Five - SVUH


Leon Botha
Stage Five - MMUH


Ned Quirke
Final Year


Doris Braunstein


Jaime Tabatznik


Jason Dowling


Ruth Gardiner 

In 2021 UCD Medical Society became the official representative body of AMSI  (Association of Medical Students Ireland) and this saw a number of changes to our committee structure to reflect our commitment to fulfil the mandate set out by AMSI.

Our Committee Structure

The Executive Committee

The executive committee of the society is made up of the Auditor/President, Treasurer, and Secretary. These three members of the committee are elected by the society's membership in March/April each year and serve for one calendar year. 


A call for applications for officer positions will be made shortly after the election of the executive committee. Officers are appointed by the newly elected executive at the start of their term. Officer positions are as follows:

  • Charity Officer

The Charities Officer is responsible for organising Med Week as well as coordinating other charity endeavours throughout the year.

Examples of duties include but are not limited to:

  • Coordinating with our chosen charities

  • Putting together a week of fundraising for MedWeek (Med Day, table quiz, sponsored 5km run etc.)

  • Organising a semester 2 charity event

  • Sports Officer

The Sports Officer is responsible for putting together fun and informal sporting events.

Examples of duties include but are not limited to:

  • Med Cup (inter-year football tournament)

  • Putting together inter-year basketball / tag rugby tournaments

    • Rental of pitches / courts

    • Match schedules

  • Online sporting events (if necessary)

  • Public Relations Officer

The PRO is responsible for all things social media and photography. We need a tech and graphic design wizard who will make students excited for all MedSoc events.

Examples of duties include but are not limited to:

  • Creating event pages and Instagram advertisements for events

  • Photography for social media and website

  • Coming up with witty event bios

  • Ball Convenor

The Ball Convenor is responsible for organising our showpiece event of the year and one of Ireland’s largest society balls.

Examples of duties include but are not limited to:

  • Choosing a venue & theme

  • Decorating the venue

  • Coordinating with suppliers and photographers

  • Conference Convenors

The Conference Convenors are responsible for organising the annual Student Medical Summit. This is an undergraduate medical research competition that is runs by the UCD Medical Society.

Examples of duties include but are not limited to:

  • Organising and booking a venue for the Student Medical Summit

  • Gathering judges for the big day

  • Putting out the call for abstracts and encouraging a variety of universities to apply

  • Make the judges debrief booklets prior to the event

  • Coordinate with judges, particpants and spectators on the day

  • Organise speakers for the panel discussion

  • RUMC Officer

The RUMC representative should be a student from the RUMC Medicine programme. Their role is to increase RUMC students’ engagement with MedSoc.

Examples of duties include but are not limited to:

  • Organising class mixers with class representatives to promote integration

  • Organise the RUMC Q&A session for incoming students

  • Come up with new ideas to increase engagement

  • Academics Officer

The Academics Officer will represent AMSI UCD at National meetings for medical education (SCOME) and public health (SCOPH) and sexual and reproductive health (SCORA) and human rights (SCORP). They will be responsible for organising events that educate students on medical education and public health and they will also be responsible organising events that raise awareness and educate students on sexual and reproductive health and human rights.

Examples of duties include but are not limited to:

  • Organising educational talks such as the careers evening, pathway talk, guest speakers & panel discussions

  • Organising the AMSI Case Competition

  • Putting together a team to give HPAT classes to disadvantaged secondary school students

  • Putting together the ‘Our Med Minds’ week which focuses on raising awareness on student’s mental health and wellbeing

  • Organise events on access to healthcare for the marginalised / vulnerable communities both nationally and internationally and other topical human rights issues

  • Raise awareness amongst medical students about safe sex, HIV/AIDS and other STIs

  • Educate students on LGBTQ+ health

  • Help run the ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’ national conference

  • International Exchanges Officer

The international exchanges officer will represent AMSI UCD at national meetings regarding professional and research exchanges (SCOPE & SCORE). They will also be responsible for organising the AMSI UCD international exchanges.

Examples of duties include but are not limited to:

  • Coordinating incoming and outgoing exchange students

  • Liaise with the School of Medicine regarding incoming students

  • Organise an exchanges information session

  • Encourage UCD students to go as delegates to IFMSA March and August meetings, and European regional meetings