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We recommend building structered notes early on in the semester. Onenote by Microsoft is a popular tool as many students have Office installed on their machines.

For memorising your notes many students have found free tools like ANKI to be useful and efficient. Try combining ANKI with SKITCH for learning complex diagrams or anatomy. If you can do out ANKI notes as a group you can spend more time actively learning and less time doing out notes.

Study tools


We've uploaded a whole bunch of notes covering many of the topics you'll meet in Systems 1 and 2 (1st Med, 2nd Med, 1st Half of 3rd Med). We also have some Res Year and Final Year survival guides - take a look!

Some notes and sample answers scrounged from various places and lovingly packaged together by your MedSoc committee, just for you. No, we didn't just rob them off Blackboard... that would be a bit pointless.

These are aimed at 1st Meds, 2nd Meds and the first half of 3rd Med (i.e. Systems 1 and Systems 2).

These can be accessed through the UCD medical drop box accunt - ask your medsoc rep for information 

Study Aids


Please find below a bunch of guides useful for anyone planning on doing the USMLE exams. 


We hope you all enjoyed the very informative talk by Dr Graham McMahon. You can access his powerpoint presentation here (PDF) in case you missed the talk or would like to look at it again.



MedSoc are running our bone library again this year as a study aid for students. The library is located on the first floor of the C wing, directly above Pulse.

If you are interested in renting a bone for a one week period, please email (or fill out the contact form below) with what bone you are looking for and the time at which you would like to pick up the bone within the slots of 1-3pm every Monday and Thursday. Please ensure to send the email request at least 24 hours before the time of pick up. There is a €10 deposit per bone which will only be returned if the bones are returned on time and undamaged.

Success! Message sent!

Bone Library
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