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This year Med Soc and the L&H held their very first debate together the 6th of April. We invited members from both societies and spectators to tackle the challenging topic of euthanasia with the motion “This House Believes in the Right to die”. Guest speakers included Dr. Christopher Cowley, a UCD lecturer in Philosophy specialising in the ethics of death and dying and Michael Nugent, ‘Right to Die’ campaigner and chairperson of Atheist Ireland who helped to form the winning Proposition team on the night. The most interesting part of the debate were the questions and points made from the floor, with many spectators sharing opinions and ideas on the topic, comparing our Irish law system with that of the Dutch in which euthanasia is legal for the terminally ill. It was a very enjoyable event which introduced a new side to Med Soc opening the debate about prevailing medical issues and providing much food for thought for spectators and debaters alike.

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