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Never fear, Med Soc is here!

Use the links  below to explore our Freshers' Survival Guide. You'll find tons of information here to get you started in UCD, medicine, and college life.


If you have any questions that aren't covered here, don't forget that you can always contact us or speak to your class reps about anything you're having trouble with.


Prof. Patrick Murray, Dean of Medicine
UCD School of Medicine 

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to UCD School of Medicine. You are now part of the global UCD Medicine community and we look forward to getting to know you during your time with us.

Our School’s academic heritage speaks for itself and you now have a wonderful opportunity to make your own contribution, to work towards leaving your own legacy.  I do not doubt that each one of you is capable of rising to that challenge and we look forward to supporting you as you embark on this exciting journey. 

Dean's Welcome


Starting off as a student in UCD (the largest university in Ireland) can be intimidating. So to make it easier, here are a few handy expressions/terms/places you may find handy.

  • The Forum: The sign may say "The Centre Bar" But to us it's the Forum Bar, found at the end of the Student Centre, and still open during the building works.

  • The Pit: It used to be a concrete space beside the Forum Bar, but is now UCD's largest building site. Worth it for the new 50m pool etc. though.

  • Admin: The Michael Tierney Building located opposite Arts.

  • Arts: The Newman Building located opposite Admin.

  • The Concourse: The main thoroughfare in UCD, sheltered by a concrete cover (UCD is the proud winner of more concrete awards from the 60's than any other University...). It runs from Quinn to the Student Centre.

  • Quinn: The Quinn School of Business. Home of Commerce, fake tan and hair extensions.

  • The Lake: Hard to miss really. You will be quarantined for several weeks if you fall in though; the last unfortunate didn't survive. There are also secret lakes which it is your mission to find.

  • The Arts Café: Formerly Hilpers (to the oldies), located in Arts, hard to miss really.

  • The Blob: The blob shaped sculpture outside Theatre L in Arts.

  • Theatre L: The largest Lecture theatre in UCD. Seen only during electives or society events.

  • Librocop: The man who strictly enforces all rules and regulations in his jurisdiction (Main Library). It is said that he doesn't sleep and eats only oranges. Don't bother trying to find him/introduce yourself. He already knows who you are... Librocop: Firm but Fair. Keep an eye out for some fire yaks about him durig exam season. 

  • The Main Library: Aka the James Joyce Library aka the Muggle library (muggle = non-medical folk). An alternative to the bright and airy Health Sci Library when you realize that it's the day before the exam and you've spent the entire day in O'Briens... again (and that there's 0 room there). Also open later than the Health Sci Library. Found on the concourse beside the lake.

  • The Restaurant: The largest eatery in UCD. Offers student specials sometimes. Typical cafeteria food.

  • Elements: The restaurant underneath the Science Block. Late opening hours and Starbucks coffee make it the frequent haunt of the last minute study brigade.

  • The Grind: Alternative to O'Briens for when the queue stretches around the corner. Beside the Pharmacy in the Student Centre. Another option is Insomnia but you'll have to find it!

  • Blackboard: The online link between you, your class and your lecturers. If they choose to, lecturers may post lecture notes here for you to familiarize yourself with before the class. 



1) CYCLE: 

Probably the most convenient means of getting into UCD. Only really an option if you live relatively close to campus.


2) BUS:

Several services operate directly to UCD (Belfield), as well as running extremely close to campus. This could be your best option depending on where you are coming from.
Buses to consider include: 10, 11b, 17, 39a, 46 (in its various incarnations), 145, 155.
*** Check for more detailed info



3) CAR: 

While no doubt very convenient, parking in UCD is a big problem and set to get worse. Too many cars and too few spaces. Unless you're in before 9, you'll probably find it difficult to find a space anywhere near Health Sciences. We recommend that you find an alternative mode of transport if you are going to arrive after 10-11, as you will not find a space! There's also the nightmare of Dublin traffic to consider! You have been warned!!! Also the gates on the roads through UCD close at rush hours. Check for details on gate opening/closing times.



4) LUAS: 

The green Luas (St Stephen's Green - Sandyford) drops you off within walking distance of UCD. Get off at the Windy Arbour stop and make your way down Bird Ave. to the Clonskeagh gate. Be warned it's a 20min walk. Best check a map for details.

5) DART: 

Both Booterstown and Sydney Parade Dart stations are a 20 minute walk from UCD. If getting off at Booterstown, come out of the station, turn right, head up by the Tara Towers Hotel through the Trimelston/Woodbine estate, and you'll come out at the flyover across from the main gate of UCD. If you get off at Sydney Parade, turn up by St Vincent's Hospital up Nutley Lane, go past RTE, and either turn left to hit the flyover or cross the road and cut in through Greenfield Park for a shortcut to the Health Science building (pedestrians and cyclists only!)

To and from UCD


UCD Website will be your main source of information for all things ucd. To access timetables, results, account details etc, log into SIS student web. The link is at the bottom of the ucd home page. Login is your student number, 09******. Password is preset to your birthday (dd/mm/yy).


UCD Connect

UCD Connect (including your email, Blackboard etc) can also be accessed from Unless it's been changed since our time, UCD Computer Services will issue you with personal access details.


Computer Training

Complete the computer-training course in Daedalus. It only takes half an hour, and you get a free 4GB USB key at the end of it. 


Student Cards

Don't lose your Student Card! You'll need it to access the library (if you choose to step inside the door this year!) amongst other things.


Get Involved!

Make sure to join some club or society during Freshers' week and keep up with it. One of the things that makes UCD so great is the wide variety of sports/activities that students can do. Feel like playing some rugby? Join the Mens/Ladies rugby team, or of course play in the Hospitals Cup. Maybe you like to speak in public? Join the Literary & Historical Society or the Law Society. Or perhaps you fancy rowing? We have a club for that too! College life is as much about social interaction as it is about coming out on the other side with a degree. These will be the best years of your life, so make the most of them! And obviously, ahem, join Med Soc!


Help is there if you need it

Finding it tough? Don't be embarrassed to look for help. Many students find the transition to college life tough. There are plenty of places you can seek private, and confidential help from peers and staff alike. Consider talking to your SU Welfare Officer, Scotty Ahern (T: 01 716 3111). Or perhaps talk to your student advisor for Medicine, Carl Lusby. Or maybe ring Niteline on 1800 793 793. The help is out there if you need it. Don't be afraid to look for it.

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