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"Fitness to practice" is a month-long team competition taking place 21st October - 16th November 2020. With college taking place almost exclusively online for many of us this semester, we want to offer an incentive to get people moving, meet new people and hopefully have some fun along the way! 


It’s easier than ever to find ourselves between computer, couch and kitchen, with Fitness to Practice we want to break that cycle. Over four weeks, teams of 10 made up of people from at least two year groups will complete various fitness and novelty challenges, each worth a predetermined number of points. We’ve partnered with Just Eat and MPS and at the end of the month each member of the team with the most points will take home a €20 Just Eat Voucher, a Bottle of Lambrini and 3 Oxford Handbooks!


Challenges and points will be adjusted and weighted in accordance with current Public Health guidelines, but extra incentives will be placed on team effort and group activities that take place within the restrictions. 


How do the teams work? 

If you wish to participate, sign up via the form below. Everyone taking part signs up as an individual and will be assigned a team. We’re asking everyone whether they live with any other participants and their general locality. This is to keep any possible additional social contacts low and to make team activities easier to organise. Staff will be placed on teams with each other. 

Who can get involved

Fitness to Practice is open to both staff and students from the UCD School of Medicine and we hope to see teams from across every year. 

We are especially encouraging our new first year students to get involved as you will not only get an opportunity to meet some people from your own year, but also the years above!

What are the Challenges? 

A full list of challenges will be released at the start of the competition, but expect to see running, swimming, cycling, team zooming, ball sports, hill walking, duck feeding and many many more, there will be something everyone can get involved with.

How will we keep track?

Each team will nominate a captain to keep MedSoc updated with the team's activities. It will be a simple process to log activities and will be done via the UCD Medical Society website. Every activity logged will have to come with proof, so we'll want pictures, strava screenshots or any other way you can get across that you put the work in!

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