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Terms and Conditions

  1. Activities to be considered for "Fitness to Practice" must take place between October 19th and November 16th 2020.

  2. All activities must be uploaded by team captains by midnight 16th November 2020

  3. Participants agree to UCD Medical Society sharing their name and contact details (email & phone) with potential team mates.

  4. All activities are undertaken at your own personal risk. UCD Medical Society is not liable for any damage to property or personal bodily harm.

  5. Participants agree that all images, photographs and videos shared with UCD Medical Society during the course of "Fitness to Practice" may be used and posted to Society owned social media accounts.

  6. Any cheating of any kind, as determined by the UCD Medical Society committee will result in disqualification of offenders.

  7. Participants cannot change teams, except for when instructed to do so by Fitness to Practice organisers.

  8. Participants agree that all activities undertaken will comply with current national COVID-19 public health guidelines.

  9. Failure to abide by any terms and conditions will result in disqualification.

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