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Welcome to our Diversity and Inclusion information page. Here we hope you will find some useful information about how we can all work together to make UCD Medicine a more inclusive and diverse community for us all!


"Strength lies in our differences, not similarities"

Student Medical Summit

The Student Medical Summit is an opportunity for students to present their research on a national level.

It provides students with the chance to showcase their results in front of some of the country's leading academics and a large audience of their peers, while simultaneously competing to be named 'Irish Undergraduate Medical Researcher of the Year'

Wine & Cheese

When we say we are looking forward to going back to College, what we really mean is that we are looking forward to wine and cheese!

For many our annual week one event is the highlight of first semester, and kind of makes the other 11 weeks a bit pointless really.

For our new freshers, you be thinking "God this sounds a bit fancy". You can put your fears to bed...

It's just free wine, questionable cheese and a fun way to get to know your new classmates!

Tickets are 8 euro and are on sale in the Health Science Lobby durig week 1, and will also be available on the door.

Med Day

Our annual charity fundraiser where every year in October, 400+ UCD Medical Students take to the streets of Dublin, bucket shaking to collect money for our chosen charity.

This year we were delighted to raise a massive €27,000 for BUMBLEance, the national children's ambulance service.

Med Cup

Easily one of the best loved days of the year. 

Lectures are cancelled, and we all get together for a day of 'friendly' competition.

Each year battles it out for the chance to win the coveted Med Cup which is presented to them at MedGala

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